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The Melting Pot: An Occult Shopkeeping Simulator is a visual novel in which you play as a witch in her 20s named Rosemary. The game takes place over the course of the month of October in the year 19XX. Rosemary moves out of the city and leaves her corporate job behind to pursue her dream of shopkeeping as a witch. Rosemary opens up shop in a small town named Little Ivywood, known for its small occult community, and names it "The Melting Pot."


  • 100% original graphics and soundtrack
  • Intriguing and contemplative  story line with multiple endings
  • Lots of interesting characters to befriend
  • Retro pixel art style with tons of unique character sprites and items
  • Make decisions that affect your karma
  • Earn enough money to pay your rent each week

This game is in the very early stages of development, but we hope you'll follow our progress during the following  months! Below are links where you can find us and follow the progress of the game. Please add this project to your collections and read the devlogs to come!

Art and Programming: Tinkalila [tumblr]

Storyline and Music: PrincessNile [tumblr]

Reblog this tumblr post to help us promote the game: [link]

Development log


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wow this looks rlly cool lmk when it's available thnx bye

i know i wonder who made it

yo same