Meet the Devs! | Devlog 1


heyo what's up, i'm tinkalila, and i'm the artist and programmer for The Melting Pot! i'm 17 years old and i'm from New York City. i'm an artist planning to go to college for computer arts and interactive media. i've never completed a video game project before, but i had a vague idea for a visual novel about witchcraft that i wanted to create. princessnile is my best friend and she totally took charge of creating the storyline for this game, which is great news for me because I had no idea where to go with it. i'm inexperienced with programming, so I took up Ren'Py, a simple visual novel engine that uses Python. even though it's relatively simple, it requires a bit of coding knowledge, which I'm still figuring out! the game is still very early in development, but I love the direction it's going in so far. we're aiming to complete it by mid to late 2018, and we hope you'll follow our progress and read our future devlogs! we plan on doing a series of devlogs to introduce the main characters of the game, look forward to it!


Hi!! I'm Celeste (princess_nile) and I'm also working on the plot, characters, and music for The Melting Pot! I'm a senior high school student living in NYC and looking to major in Musical Theatre or Psychology in college. I am foremost a singer and performer and have been singing since I could speak basically. Tinkalila asked me to help her with this and I essentially adopted the characters as my own kids and started coming up with possible plot points on the same day. I'm super excited to see what this becomes and I've never worked on a video game before so this is all just new as heck. I can't wait for you to meet the cast of characters in future devlogs! Thanks for tuning in :))))

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